A cargo bike for the Allendeviertel

Lastenfahrrad BENN Allende

The cargo bike “Pablo” is part of the fLotte-Berlins. You can borrow Pablo for one to three days for free. Simply register for free at www.flotte-berlin.de, choose Pablo from many other cargo bikes in Berlin, pick it up, ride it and bring it back.

The Pablo cargo bike was financed with funds from the BENN Allende-Viertel integration management. In cooperation with fLotte, a volunteer project of the ADFC, it is possible to provide you with this free service.

For more information www.flotte-berlin.de or just drop by our office.

By the way, if you feel like it, you are welcome to take a photo for our website or Facebook page during your tour with Pablo and show us what Pablo has experienced.